During analysis phase, client requirements are gathered and analyzed. Usually Business analysts, project manager and test manager participate to analyze various things such as the scope and the feasibility of the project, fulfillment of the requirements, quality assurance planning, probable risks that would arise and the project timeline.

In this phase of development we list the features of the application. We design the application by preparing an abstract drawing on the paper as how the application should look. We proceed further to prepare the mockups, which include drawings with colors and details. These mockups are presented to the client to get approval. Once approved, we prepare the prototypes that are written in HTML. Later, we prepare the outline and check whether all links work fine and the colors and the fonts are chosen correctly. At this stage we perform the Usability testing that saves a lot of time in the end

At Innoviztech our experts will execute various phases of Analysis and its modeling.

Analysis at Innoviztech

After the project goes through analysis phase the understanding of the project is more enhanced. Customer interaction is also encouraged during this phase in order to know what are comparatively significant. Some of significant diagrams to represent analysis are listed below:

  • Data flow diagrams (DFD)
  • Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
  • State Transition Diagram (STD)
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