Other Services
Other Services

Innoviztech partners with different companies from Asia, EU and Russia in IT and non IT industries such as Medicine, Medical Equipment, Health care, Hospitality, Dairy, Food processing, Farming and Exports-Imports.
We explore various business opportunities, and help you to expand your business in these areas.

Every business is constantly in search of opportunities that would help enhance productivity. They are ready to seize opportunities that come across. While, Startup companies may be less experienced and might seek support that will help their businesses run efficiently. To meet the business needs visit current business opportunities page. We keep updating the page with the latest updates and post the current business opportunities. So, grab them.

How about handling exports and imports of your business? Are you looking out for means which makes your job easy? We are ready to help you in this regard. We find buyers and suppliers and establish contacts. To know more about products we are ready to supply, visit our Exports and imports page.

For all the businesses that are into medical equipment manufacturing, this is the right place to look into. We keep posting exclusive information on supply of medical equipment. We have our own health centers, hospitals and manufacturing units. We invite all the interested investors and manufacturers to avail the opportunities and make the most of your business.

Our role as a consultant will solve major of your business needs. Your focus on your business can be 100% by availing our consultancy services. Visit our consultancy and business development section to get more details about our offered services.

Executing a project according to a plan is sure to generate success. We are here to help you with this.

Coming to investors and investments, companies might require investment, at the same time investors seek growth by making investments. Both of them are here to benefit. We establish contacts between them arrange meetings to further discuss on their business requirements and benefits.

We are into widespread of domains, covering medicine, farming, waste management, IT, etc. We take up projects related to these domains and help find projects related to these if you are interested.

If you are not able to do any good leave the world as it is but do not make it worse. Social responsibility we feel it. With the passing times human activities have polluted the nature. We are here to establish pollution free nature. Thus, we are into environment safe projects. If you are interested you can be a part of our social projects and services.