Natural Farming
Natural Farming

Started farming in 2013.

Modern agriculture practices often calls with use of fertilizers to enhance soil quality, nutrients and crop yield. Traditionally,chemical fertilizers which are heavy in nitrogen have been used for this purpose. However,this leads to ecological and agricultural problems such as ground water pollution and vulnerability of pesticides. As we came know the impact of chemical farming on nature and human life, while the benefits of naturally grown food we changed to Natural farming. As we came know impact of the chemical farming on the human life & nature and benefits of natural grown food and then we changed to Natural farming.

We use eco-friendly and naturally prepared fertilizers(Bio fertilizers). These substitute the harmful and inorganic fertilizers. They will not make any environmental damage and aid plant growth. Bio fertilizers can be produced from easily accessible organic materials in remote places , and with available items at your place.This makes agriculture self relied.We follow Subhash Palekar’s ZBNF method.Our farm is located near to Hyderabad, India. Currently, we are growing vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruits, and we are supplying them to our small customer base in Hyderabad on weekends.

We explore Permaculture, growing Forests and other techniques from other agriculturists namely Masanobu Fukuoka, Chouhan Q with local crops and methods.

Apart from the natural farming, we are planning to develop Agroforest and Forest based Japanese methodology developed by Dr. Akira Miyawaki

We help local people to adopt these natural farming methods and also provide consultancy for new people who wish to enter into farming.

Our small farm

Farming and Forests

We can support on:


We take up:

  • Farm layout and landscape
  • Installation of Borewell and drip irrigation system
  • Horticulture plant selection
  • Plantation
  • Maintenance