Assuring the quality of an application is very important before it reaches the end user. This saves a lot of time, effort and cost. A quality product is a result of complete testing. A software project generally goes through White box testing and Black box testing and user interface testing before it reaches the user as a final product.

A capable QA team at Innoviztech can help you serve quality products by performing quality testing.

QA life cycle to assure quality

Our QA team will execute all stages of QA life cycle to assure quality of the product. Listed below are few testing types:

Black box testing is performed without the knowledge of the internal coding, internal paths and the execution details. Testing is purely performed based on the requirements, in which input is provided to the system and the output is checked not worrying about the internal understanding of software.

How is black box testing done?

Following are the steps carried out to perform black box testing
  • Examine the requirements
  • Prepare both positive and negative test cases based on the requirements
  • Execute these test cases and check for the output
  • Compare the actual output with the expected output.
  • Bugs are filed if actual output does not match with expected result
  • Perform retesting of fixed bugs. Also, perform regression testing to check whether the new code has not affected the existing functionality.
Black box testing is classified into three significant ones, which are as follows:
  • Functional testing: This relates to testing functional requirements of the software.
  • Non functional testing :This relates to testing non functional requirements of the software such as performance, usability and scalability.
  • Regression testing: Software may go through code changes, or upgrades or maintenance. This type of testing is done to check whether these changes have impacted the existing functionality.
Some of the Black boxes testing tools are as follows:
  • QTP and Selenium for functional testing
  • Load Runner and Jmeter for non functional testing
Relative to each stage of the development life cycle we have software testing life cycle (STLC)
Requirements phase: Software test manager or the testers participate during this stage of SDLC to know the requirements.
Planning and Analysis: Test plan is prepared
Design: Test cases are designed
Execution: Test cases are executed. Resolved-fixed bugs are retested. Regression testing is also performed
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