Welcome to Innoviztech

Innoviztech that was formed in the year 2012 has gained proficiency and expertise in developing Web applications and Mobile Applications across various platforms and devices using the most recent techniques. The main interest is to develop Mobile Applications for Android, iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Platform related to Education, Entertainment, Utilities, Gaming, etc... with innovative ideas.

Our Zeal:
To start with, our initial interest has been in developing the applications for the kids. Kids are very enthusiastic and eager in learning. For them everything is a wonder. Keeping them in view the initial apps developed by us are for the Kids. We are continuing in developing the apps for Business purposes, Entertainment, Education etc.

Planning Design and development:
Planning is key and important for the success of any application. Here at Innoviz we have the team with us who are involved in the application planning and bring about the successful execution of the app on the planned schedule and within the budget. Software design document is a necessary part of any application. This acts a stable reference for the developer that outlines the software and its workflow. We have the creative team of developers who are involved in good designing of the application and there after developing the application with reference to the documents.

Application Quality Assurance:
Assuring the Quality of the application before releasing it into the market is an important aspect as it affects the use of the application by the end users. Here with us we have the Quality assurance team who perform the testing of the application to see that the application is bug free and has a smooth flow. Here we also get the suggestions from the team whose views are encouraged and taken into consideration for the overall improvement of the app developed.

Maintaining the Application:
Updates over a period of time are necessary for the applications. Failure in Regular updates may cause the user in loosing the interest in viewing the app anymore. Here we work for this purpose and bring about the necessary changes and the enhancements to have the rich view of the application Thanks for the all users who have downloaded the apps. Innoviztech will keep on working on new apps with your support.