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Emi Loan Calculator ( Android App ): This(EMI Calculator) free app helps the user to know about the EMI that needs to be paid towards the Loan applied for the Purchase of either House,car or a two wheeler.

KidsOne ( Android App ): A pre-school English learning app(Basics), for kids of age group 3-5 years. This deals with the activity of learning the Alphabets, Numbers, identification of the Colors, Animals along with their sounds and the Family relationships. Kids can read & listen to the spellings, listen to the sounds, view related images and also practice the Alphabets and the Numbers.

BodyParts for Kids ( Android App ) : App lists major part of the body. App highlights each part, displays and spells the word. This helps kids to learn about human body parts easily.

Animals and Babies( Android App ): helps the kids to learn about animals & birds and their little ones. Kids likes animals & birds and shows interest play with them. This app shows the images of animals & birds along with their little ones, names and pronunciation which will help kids to learn easily.

Sports Name for Kids ( Andriod App ): App is meant for Kids and helps to know about different sports. Kids can easily learn and remember sports by seeing their images.

Fun Whistle ( Andriod App ): This app contain some sample whistle sounds. You can also learn whistle by following the steps provided, and also watch the videos.

Lakshmi Meghana ( Andriod App ): is a famous child singer in Telugu. She has her interest in music from the age of five and from then on participated in various competitions and stage performances. She has won many awards and compliments from famous personalities. She was the winner of E-Tv Padutateeyaga competition by S.P.Balasubramaniam for the year 2010.

Traffic Signs for Learners ( Andriod App ): This app helps for learners for driving in India. This app designs for Indian People, App Consists Mandatory Signs, Cautionary signs, Informatory Signs, Road Marking, Police Signals etc...

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Traffic Signs for LearnersMar 05 / 2013
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