Our Services

Innoviztech provides apps for Android, iOS(iPhone and iPad), BlackBerry and Windows. Also provides Mobile-web applications and mobile solutions for existing business.

Android Development:
Android is extensively governing the mobile Application development Platforms. Android apps have been very influential in presenting the most improved quality of interface for the mobile phone industry. The usage of the Android mobile phones has been gradually increasing day after day because of its user friendliness and its advanced features Android is an open source platform that is at ease and reasonable for developing the Mobile Applications.Innoviztech established itself in the Android markets in developing mobile applications. Till date we have launched different applications into android market. The overall rating of the applications is good, thus supporting us to develop more interesting apps.

iPhone Development:
The popularity of the I Phone and the App store of the device has encouraged many of the developers to develop Innovative apps for the device.Innoviztech is working on developing the Apps for iPhone to meet the business needs of the client. The team is involved in developing easy to use applications that meets user expectations and experience.

Windows Mobile Development:
Microsoft mobile devices use Windows mobile development services. To meet the business requirements as well as for the personal use the windows mobile OS is found to be more suitable. Windows Mobile OS has gained its popularity providing the users with a pleasant mobile experience. Innoviztech is working on Windows Mobile Development to develop applications for Kids.

Web Application Development:
Web Applications works well Regardless of the OS chosen by the user. They are Portable and safe to use. They can be accessed from anywhere. At Innoviz we have the team with us who are involved in the different stages of Web application Development Process.
It is during this phase of development we list out the features that the application presents. Design
We start designing the application by preparing an abstract drawing on the paper as how the application should look and proceed further to prepare the mockups that are also drawings with colors and details. These mockups are presented to the client to get the approval. Once approved move on to prepare the prototypes that are written in HTML.The outline has to be prepared and see that all the links work fine and the colors and the fonts are chosen correctly. At this stage we perform the Usability testing that saves a lot of time in the end.
We choose the framework based on the interest of our clients/Customers to implement it in our application and later on build it.
Quality Assurance/Testing
Here we see that all the features of the application mentioned in the Analysis phase are met. We perform the White Box Testing and the Black Box testing to see that the application has attained its level of Quality. At this stage few minor changes are considered by the team to improve the look and feel of the application.
Releasing the Application
At this stage we release the application and make it available to all the users and before doing that perform Beta phase of testing where the application is available to few users who look for the issues in the application that results in the stable quality application. Taking the view of the users and self analysis of the application would be the next step which would further improve the quality of the application.