Traffic Signs for Learners

Realised date: 29 Jul 2012

This app helps for driving learners in India. App Consists two sections, one is Traffic Signs, Second one is Road Safety. Traffic Sings consists, - Road Signs - Road Markings - Police Signals Road Safety tab consists - Fundamentals - Do's and Dont's While Driving - Vehicle Number Plate Information - Vehicle Acts for India - finally Fuel Saving tips for Vehicles etc... Happy and safe Driving. traffic signs for learners, traffic rules in India, fuel saving tips, safety driving tips, tips for driving, traffic rules india, driving test, l r, traffic signs, traffic symbols, learning licence in india, indian traffic signs, traffic rules in india, driving test, licence for driving, driving rules, traffic signals, driving licence in india, driving licence easy, road,safety,traffic rules, driving test, driving test route, roads in india, motor byc, Safety and your vehicle, tips in driving, tips, driving education, traffic signs india, learn driving, traffic signal images, Driver Learner License test in India, public safety, driving tips, traffic ticket, learner permit, Andhra Pradesh , Driving Licence, driving licence india, Driving rules india